Floor Plan Assistant

Feel at Home in the Heart of the San Gabriel Valley!

West Covina provides easy access to Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties and allows you to explore the best of Southern California.


  • Raging Waters LA

  • Wonders of Dinosaurs

  • Hurst Ranch Historical Center

  • Baldwin Park Historical Museum

Hurst Ranch Historical Center


  • West Covina Unified School District

  • Merlina Elementary

  • Coronado High School

  • Salon Success Academy

West Covina Unified School District


  • Plaza West Covina

  • South Hills Plaza

  • Eastland Center

  • The McIntyre Square

Plaza West Covina


  • Galster Wilderness Park

  • Cortez Park

  • Peter F. Schabarum Reg. Park

  • Santa Fe Dam Rec Area

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area